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Make a Splash About Your Phone Number to Increase Conversions!

Most start-ups, both tech and other, don’t initially advertise a phone number for sales or support.

An easily located geographic phone number boosts conversion – even if the customer never calls you. That is because consumers feel comforted when they know that they can call you if they need to. It is not that they will call, it is just that they can call that offers them some assurance and results in increased trust. 

South African telecoms companies, with their traditional 60-month contracts or high upfront costs, have not helped entrepreneurs either, so some entrepreneurs who see the value in having a landline don’t have one because they perceive it to be very expensive or the commitment required too risky.

The fact is a landline number is exactly what start-ups need. Trust creates happy and positive feelings – feelings that result in sales. 

Some start-ups think that advertising a phone number will drive call volumes up and they won’t be able to cope.  That is not necessarily true. Advertising your phone number doesn’t suddenly make all of your potentially customers want to call you, it just allows those who do want the interaction of calling and talking to someone to do so. These are sales that without a phone number, you will surely miss. 

But even if advertising a landline number did drive call volumes up, Real Receptionist has the answer for you. Real Receptionist offers business owners a landline number, a telephone system and a receptionist to answer their calls for around 15% of the cost. Contact Real Receptionist today to boost conversions!


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