Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing landline or VoIP number?

Yes! You can port your number to us, or you can forward your number to us. Our solutions team can assist you with the right option for your business.

What if I don’t have a landline or VoIP number?

We can allocate you with a brand new 086- 087- or geographic (021, 010, etc) number which you can advertise and we will answer.

How are my calls answered?

Your calls are answered by a professional receptionist using your own custom greeting, just like your own receptionist would.

Who is going to answer my calls?

Our team of Real Receptionists are exceptional service professionals who enjoy making people happy. We give them the training and technology to answer the call with your greeting and manage your calls professionally.

Can I make use of your services on a part-time basis?

Yes, our services are available in three options:
• Full time (we answer all your calls)
• Overflow (we answer the calls you don’t get to because you’re busy on the line)
• On Demand (you decide when to activate our services)

What are your operating hours?

Our standard operating hours are 08h00 to 17h00 Monday to Thursday and 08h00 to 16h30 Fridays

After-hours and 24/7 packages are available on request

What happens to my calls outside of your office hours?

Calls can be routed to an automated voicemail message or diverted to a mobile number of your choosing.

What happens if I don’t answer the phone when you transfer a call to me?

All of our transfers are “attended” transfers, whereby we don’t transfer the call until you have answered. If you don’t answer, we take a message and send it to you via email or WhatsApp.

Do I need a telephone system to use Real Receptionist?

No, we can provide a telephone system if needed, or we can transfer calls to mobile phones which requires no telephone system.

Can I use Real Receptionist if I have a PBX?

Yes, we can work with your existing PBX provider to route calls to us.

Can I outsource any other business processes to Real Receptionist?

Yes, we do appointment bookings, ticket management, live chat and outsourced first-line support.

Can Real Receptionist screen my calls?

Yes, we can screen calls based on your criteria. We also use attended transfer to ensure that you want to and can take the call before we transfer it to you.

Can your receptionists make outbound calls on my behalf?

Yes, outbound calling can be included in your service.

Can Real Receptionist record my calls?

Yes, if you would like the call recording facility, we can activate it. The portion of the call before we transfer it is then recorded.

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