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5 Ways to Boost Customer Care with Real Receptionist

Whether you are a solopreneur, run a lean team company or a corporation with numerous departments, customer care and quality call answering are vital. However, when budgets are cut and staff need to attend to their daily tasks as well as answer persistent calls from new and existing clients, things get a bit messy, and calls are missed! Similarly calls are missed while you’re doing what you do, and most callers will try the next number as opposed to waiting for your call back. 

Luckily there’s a solution! Off-site, affordable, real receptionists that can answer your business calls on your behalf who sound as if they’re sitting right there in your office.

“Our goal is to offer an affordable solution that ensures businesses do not lose revenue simply because they are too busy or cannot employ enough staff to answer all their incoming calls. In addition, they may have technological limitations with their phone system restricting the number of incoming calls they can handle at once. With a Real Receptionist subscription, you get the benefits of an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the cost. We can answer numerous calls simultaneously as we have numerous receptionists. Professional caller care leads to an influx of return customers and improved customer satisfaction, strengthening your revenue streams, professional image and customer loyalty,” explains Chenara Coetzee, co-founder of Real Receptionist.

How Real Receptionist agents improve customer care: 

1. They ARE the Voice of your Brand

All Real Receptionist agents are trained to be polite, speak clearly and at a decent pace, all while maintaining optimal professionality. Agents answer with your custom greeting and tone to really emphasize your brand’s persona for a more wholesome (and often entertaining) caller experience.

2. They Avoid Miscommunications or Flawed Orders with Call Recordings

It’s simply not sufficient to take notes. Real Receptionist was built on improving caller and customer care, so to mitigate any miscommunications, they offer to record all answered calls. This is especially powerful for companies that require clarity on orders.

3. They Offer After-Hour Call Forwarding and Voice Recorded Instructions

Your business will receive calls after you’ve left the office, that’s just a fact. What solutions have you put in place to avoid missing out on potential after-hour sales? With Real Receptionist, you can have call forwarding activated which will transfer all after-hour calls to an off-site employee. This is ideal for businesses that offer services or products that require 24-hour tech support. Alternatively, you can request the setup of a voice recorded solution that will offer the caller options as well as the ability to record their message, or it can play instructions for the caller to rather WhatsApp or Email you instead. No more missing sales!

4. They Answer and Keep Track of FAQs 

Ideally, callers want to be transferred and placed on hold as little as possible, especially when they have a simple question about the brand or its products. Your assigned Real Receptionist agent can be instructed to record frequently asked questions (FAQs), get the ideal responses from you, and use those responses when callers inquire. Not only does this save both your employees’ and the callers’ time, but it will also lead to your agent recording any new questions or concerns that come up, giving your team insights on what customer care obstacles to tackle or how to improve your products or services. Customer feedback is vital.

5. They can Assist with Calendar Management and Taking Orders

You can go a step further with the functionality of your assigned Real Receptionist agents. With the right training, your agent will be able to assist with taking orders as well as booking appointments. This further reduces the need to transfer calls and allows your in-house staff to focus on other aspects of the business, like finishing or improving products and service delivery.

Interested to learn more about Real Receptionist and how it can become a boon for your brand?

The Real Receptionist team is ready to help evaluate your call answering needs, and set you up for quality customer call care, all without breaking the bank. Never miss a sale and give your callers optimal customer care. Visit the Real Receptionist website or send a WhatsApp to get in touch.


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