A Day in the Life of a Real Receptionist

Ever wondered what happens in the office of a virtual call answering service? We chat with Desiree, an operator at Real Receptionist since they opened their doors in 2020, to discover what goes on behind the scenes.

Desiree’s Daily Routine:

07h45 – I arrive at the office, put on the kettle as well as my computer, prep my desk with notepad, pens and open all relevant tabs for the companies I answer calls for. Having tabs open of each brands’ website helps me to quickly offer helpful information to easy questions that some callers my ask. I also check emails to see if any new instructions, feedback on existing tasks, or any relevant updates regarding technology we use or the office itself has come through.

08h00 – A quick office meeting to chat about any new developments, discussing solutions for previously reported issues, reporting any new concerns or technical problems, or customers who have a special need like being on leave or unavailable. Sometimes we’re treated to a breakfast platter or decadent muffins to kickstart the day on a happy note. 

08h15 to 13h00 – This is where the magic happens. Throughout the biggest chunk of the day, I constantly answer calls using our trusted system and my beloved Yealink headset so that my hands are free to record messages or do information / order checks for callers. 

13h00 – Lunch time! To ensure a change of scenery and to keep the day interesting, I prefer to take a walk outside after eating, this helps me to feel reenergised and relieves stress to ensure my politeness persists when answering calls.

14h00 -16h00 – Back to the usual tasks of answering calls, providing information to frequently asked questions, taking messages or transferring calls, and assisting with telephonic orders and sales.

16h00-16h30 – While keeping my headset on and standing ready to assist callers, I also start to clean up my desk and prep it for the next day. We all have a small whiteboard and pinboard where we can keep notes of tasks, as well as useful information about our clients for quick access (such as contact numbers, email and physical addresses, operating hours, emergency, or offline notices, etc.)

16h30 – Greet the rest of my team, then dash home to get dinner going.

To make my job both easier and more enjoyable, I have a few tips I’d love to share.

3 Top Tips for a Real Receptionist

  1. Get the Trello App
    As a virtual receptionist and a mom, there’s a lot of duties to keep track of. My to-do list is exceptionally long sometimes and it’s so easy to forget some of those tasks. Having an app that yells in my ear and keeps me on schedule is perfect. I usually review my next day’s to-dos before I go to bed, adding anything that I may have missed or moving anything that needs to be rescheduled.
  1. Invest in a comfortable, high-quality headset.
    Luckily at Real Receptionist, we get the best of the best headset. The Yealink headsets offer impeccable sound quality, to ensure we don’t miss any valuable words from callers (as some are prone to mumble or speak fast, sometimes from areas with poor connection). It is also extremely comfortable, which is an absolute must as we wear our headsets for hours on end. 
  1. Adapt an organised mindset
    Every job requires a sense of order, more so if you’re a virtual assistant or receptionist. There is so much information being passed back and forth, that it’s easy to lose track. Creating and sticking to an organised system is a must, the tiniest bit of procrastination or badly titled document or missing messages, and your client says goodbye. At Real Receptionist, we basically sell “order”, our job is to manage the mass of incoming calls and sort them so that our client can focus on two things: fulfilling orders and solving complaints. 

Does your business need someone to handle incoming calls while you focus on other tasks? Give us a call here at Real Receptionist, we’ll happily give you a custom quote that fits your needs and your budget. From call transferring to taking messages and assisting with sales orders, our team of professional telephone operators can be set up to fit your business and create the sense of a well-rounded brand, your callers will never even know that your receptionist is not sitting in the same office as you. 


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