5 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness

Whether you’re starting a new business or just need to boost awareness for your existing brand, a social media presence will always help you reach and convert more potential customers. It’s a no-brainer. You don’t have to post all day, every day.  You just need a solid schedule that you follow and to ensure your content is relevant and branded to portray your business in the best light – although don’t ever be afraid to talk about your shortcomings and how you plan to fix them, customers love a brand that is honest and hones their flaws.

If you’re planning to start your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or TikTok page soon and need some inspiration of what kind of posts will get you that sought after brand recognition, then you’re in luck. We’ll be looking at 5 social media post ideas that will help increase awareness and (hopefully) sales for your business.

1. Behind the Scenes

People love seeing what goes on behind the closed doors of a business. How are products made, how are services managed, how are business decisions made? It not only intrigues and educates viewers, but also grows a sense of trust in your brand as they get to know your team and understand how you work. This includes “Meet the Team” type posts where you introduce members of staff with quirky quotes about their likes, dislikes and how they contribute to the brand. Bonus points if you do a live video once a month with a strong and relevant topic on your Facebook or Instagram Stories feed.

Real Receptionist_5 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness_Behind the Scenes_examples
  • Goal: To promote brand trust and entertain viewers.
  • Format: Video or photos
  • Tip: Keep videos between 3 to 5 minutes. Facebook loves when people view your videos for at least a minute. Live, unedited videos perform really well, but remember to stick to a planned topic to avoid a long and confusing video.

2. Product Benefits & FAQs

If you’ve been in business for a while, you should have amassed a list of frequently asked questions that your existing customers and clients have brought to your attention. Take these questions and turn them into creative visuals that you can post on your social media platforms. These posts can act as a pre-emptive measure to educate your viewers about your services and minimise time spent on answering related questions, and even serve as the final push some may need to lead them to click and purchase.

Real Receptionist_5 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness_Product Benefits and FAQs_examples
  • Goal: To educate customers and promote sales.
  • Format: Photos or visuals with text over, or short 10- to 30-second videos.
  • Tip: Don’t just focus on the immediate benefits. Think about the bigger picture and speak about the positive affects your service can offer customers in the long run. For example, if you’re service saves customers money, talk about the fun things they can do with the money they saved.

3. Customer Rewards & Incentives

Everyone loves saving money with discounts and free goodies. Brands that share their giveaways and loyalty programs where customers save quite a bit of coin has always done well, even organically (when no money was spent to boost or advertise the post). If you add a “comment and share to enter” element to your giveaway posts, they’ll gain traffic at a great rate. Remember to create a visual that will really stand out and stop viewers from scrolling past – you want that discount or gift to pop!

Real Receptionist_5 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness_Customer Rewards_examples
  • Goal: To promote customer loyalty and grow return shoppers.
  • Format: Text over images, illustrations, infographics, and carousels work great to point out individual benefits.
  • Tip: Use giveaways and “freebies” sparingly, unless you plan to create a brand that becomes known only as the go-to place for free stuff. At the end of the day, you are running a business that needs to make revenue, so avoid growing a following of people that won’t actually spend money on your brand. Create a strict loyalty program or giveaway schedule for the year around structured marketing campaigns, and stick to them.

4. Games, Polls & Calls for Consumer Feedback

Facebook’s algorithm deems your post as good quality when viewers linger on them and engage with them either via like, comment or by sharing the post (extra bonus points for shares). Create posts that not only offers news and specials, but ones that incite viewers to engage. Posts that work well in this category are quick games and riddles, as well as fun (and always relevant to your brand) polls. You can even use games and polls to gain customer feedback if you’re doing research about ways to improve your business.

Real Receptionist_5 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness_Polls_examples
  • Goal: To promote viewer engagement and/or research brand improvements.
  • Format: Twitter offers a Poll Option when creating posts, or use a Photo and the available “like” icons as vote options (thumbs up for “yes”, angry face for “no”, you get the idea), or link to a poll hosted on your website.
  • Tip: Keep it simple and quick. Complicated puzzles are relevant if your business is a puzzle shop or an educational institution, but otherwise keep your puzzles, polls and questions short. Don’t ask for too much time from viewers, as this will only demotivate them and lead to less engagement.

5. Relevant, Branded, Light-Hearted Content

It doesn’t always have to be about your brand, in fact, it shouldn’t. Avoid a narcissistic and click-hungry social media page by posting some non-sales related content, BUT ensure to keep your visuals branded and / or watermarked to promote subtle brand awareness. For these kin of posts, TGIF messages on Fridays to say “Have a good weekend!” or hilarious industry jokes are great.

Real Receptionist_5 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness_Light Hearted_examples
  • Goal: To promote brand awareness through shares.
  • Format: Photos, videos, text over visuals, illustrations, or GIFs.
  • Tip: Always keep light-hearted content as relevant to your brand and products as possible. Viewers should still feel a connection to your brand while being entertained by your post. Quality jokes do well, people love to share funnies on social media, just ensure your jokes are not offensive nor damages the brand’s image.

A few post creation tools to try…

  • Canva – Great online drag-and-drop graphic design tool, and it has a free version!
  • InVideo – Create quick and easy videos with this online editor.
  • Unsplash – Offers beautiful photos you can use for free (so long as you credit the source).
  • Behance – A hub of creatives that share their work, a great place to find inspiration for post designs.

If you’re using a marketing funnel, which you should, it may include a landing page or five. Landing pages are usually specific website pages whose traffic you can then track to measure your funnel’s success. Try to create quality landing pages for each of your funnels, with relevant and useful information for your customers, and use the above social media post ideas to share these landing page links.

What to do next, once traffic grows and the phone rings non-stop?

Once your new social media posts start doing their thing and gaining your brand awareness, your phone may be getting more calls as customers want quick answers to questions that can help make or break a sale. Remember that virtual call answering with friendly and professional operators to tend to your business calls does not need to be an expensive addon for your brand. Real Receptionist offers catered call answering, transferring and recording solutions that will fit your budget and leave you with more time to focus on growing your business, all while customers are cared for and you never miss a call that leads to sales.


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