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Premium Virtual Receptionists

Real Receptionist was started by the founders of Arc Tech – a telecommunications business based in Cape Town South Africa.
We realised that some of our clients needed more than a telephone system – they needed someone to answer their calls too!
We started marketing our new virtual receptionists idea to small businesses who didn’t have the resources for a full-time receptionist and were amazed by the positive response. There were a few different types of customers who loved the concept:

Tradesman and Start-ups

Firstly, those tradespeople and start-ups who run their own business and also do the work. This includes delivery and moving companies, medical professionals and beauty professionals like physios and beauticians and small plumbing and electrical contractors, all of whom might be too busy driving, attending to a client, or working with their hands to answer every call they get. They don’t want to outlay a lot of capital for a telephone system and tend to work from their mobile phone… This would result in lost sales and lost bookings! By having our Real Receptionists answer their calls, they could improve their image with a landline number, get on with their work and check in for messages between jobs and clients.

Medium Sized Businesses

Secondly, slightly larger (but still fairly small) businesses with a few employees, none of whom is actually a receptionist and all of whom have heavy workloads. Often they would have to interrupt their workflow to answer a call and sometimes there were just not enough people in the office to answer all of the incoming calls, resulting in a lot of client frustration when they don’t reach anyone on their first attempt. By using our Real Receptionist service, each employee can focus on his or her tasks and only receive calls actually meant for them. When unavailable, they know their call is still being answered professionally and that they will be sent a message with the callers details.

Large Clients with busy receptionist

Thirdly, larger clients with a very busy receptionist who is not handling the volume of calls he or she is receiving but the company isn’t quite ready for an additional full-time receptionist yet. For these clients we are able to handle their overflow calls and can also assist in the event their full time receptionist calls in sick or goes on leave.

Lately, with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing numerous customers to close and send their staff home, we have been able to take over the answering of their calls and transferring to their staff’s mobile or IP phones as a quick and easy work-from-home solution.

We are sure that there are so many more customers who could benefit from this convenient, inexpensive and professional call answering service… some may even choose not to make use of a PBX system at all!